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Faculty in the Department of Surgery are relentless in their pursuit of new ideas, groundbreaking discoveries, and innovative treatments and therapies. Nationally, we lead the search for answers to the field’s most pressing questions, because we know things can be better. Research can be more efficient. Diagnosis can be made sooner and with greater accuracy. Surgical tools can be refined. Patients can thrive decades after conquering even the most challenging procedures. 

Across the department, our faculty are carrying out world-leading research on a broad spectrum of surgery-related topics. Whatever the focus, your gift will make a tremendous impact on the crucial work being done to advance the state of surgical medicine, both in Ann Arbor and throughout the country.

We imagine a better future for our patients, and we’re creating it. Every day, our faculty uncover solutions with the potential to change the face of surgery worldwide. But we need your help. With your support, we will propel the state of surgical medicine forward.