Surgery Research Funds

Across the department, our faculty are carrying out world-leading research on a broad spectrum of surgery-related topics. Whatever the focus, your gift will make a tremendous impact on the crucial work being done to advance the state of surgical medicine, both in Ann Arbor and throughout the country.

Areas of Greatest Need

Faculty Laboratories

Many friends of U-M’s Department of Surgery have had their lives touched by a particular faculty member or surgical team, and our nearly two dozen labs span the breadth of surgical research. From pancreatic cancer and metabolic disorders to musculoskeletal and peripheral nerve trauma, organ transplantation, and health services and outcomes, you can give now to support life-saving work in specific labs across the department.

Surgery Education Research

Commonly regarded as one of the nation’s top surgical residency programs, our department is at the leading edge of education. However, recent findings suggest that throughout the country, the current training curriculum is insufficient in adequately preparing residents to take the next step as leaders in the operating room after graduation. Your support will fund a targeted study by our world-class faculty members on the efficacy of the resident education curriculum, with the hope of drastically improving patient outcomes for post-residency surgeons.

The Michigan Promise

The Michigan Promise represents a holistic investment in the growth and development of our surgeons. Your support will enable our faculty to conduct first of its kind, interdisciplinary research into the environmental effects that mold an excellent surgeon. 

  • Michigan Women’s Surgical Collaborative: Michigan is at the leading edge of research on gender disparity and bias in the field of surgery, enabling evidence-based policy and industry proposals to give female surgeons a level playing field in their careers.
  • Global Outreach: The Michigan Center for Global Surgery provides an infrastructure for research to enhance the exchange of knowledge worldwide. Joining forces internationally to conduct research and health policy work allows our team to investigate global problems from multiple perspectives. With established research partnerships around the world, including in China, Ghana, and Taiwan, we hope to continue to expand our global reach.
  • Surgical Innovation: Despite the integral role innovation plays in a surgeon's practice, surgeons are not often provided with formal education and dedicated time to develop and commercialize new ideas. The mission of the Michigan Surgical Innovation Program is to provide the space and resources our surgeons need to research and advance their ideas and, ultimately, improve care for our patients.
  • Leadership: Our Early Career Leadership Development course promotes the growth of leadership and interpersonal skills in early career faculty using goal-directed tasks that are individualized to specific career needs and incorporated within a tailored mentorship program. Outcomes data from previous course attendees will inform future content, creating the world’s foremost pedagogy on surgical leadership.

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