We invite industry colleagues with innovative ideas to partner with Department of Surgery researchers in creating new knowledge that advances surgical care and human health.

Through academic-industry relationships, we combine vast research experience and resources with bright new ideas as we pursue commercially viable developments that will connect more patients with breakthrough treatments, medicines, and devices.

With a strong platform for surgical research already in place in the department — including a top 5 ranking for National Institutes of Health funding — and institutional support for entrepreneurship and business development through the Fast Forward Medical Innovation effort and the U-M Office of Technology Transfer, we offer a unique environment for industry ventures in biomedical research. We also offer a Michigan Surgical Innovation Accelerator course to encourage the development of cutting edge technologies that will improve surgical diseases or the care of surgical patients.

  • Leverage expert lab services and facilities. By accessing the capabilities and infrastructure of one of the leading academic surgical departments, you’ll tap into our expertise in the lab. 
  • Development of commercial products. We can provide research expertise for both medical device companies and drug companies.
  • Design and measurement of health care solutions. Current projects include care delivery in the context of trauma, and creation of best practices for setting up successful surgical trauma centers.