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The Jobst Pre-Clinical Research Group offers consultations on best practices for industry standards related to internal and external device trials.

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Our Work

The Jobst Pre-Clinical Research Group has a long and rich history of studying drugs and devices suitable for treatment of the vasculature. The Greenfield IVC filter, the most widely implanted filter worldwide, was created by Dr. Greenfield and evaluated in the laboratory. Various thrombectomy devices, such as the Trellis catheter, underwent initial testing at the research laboratories. Various novel anticoagulants and non-anticoagulant therapies to treat thrombosis have been assessed, including P - and E - selectin antagonists, Galectin – 3 antagonist, vWF aptamer, PAI-1 inhibitors, plasminogen activators and direct oral anticoagulants. The REBOA device for control of arterial hemorrhage underwent initial development in the laboratory.

Funding sources to the Jobst Pre-Clinical Research group include the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and multiple former and current industry partners including: GlycoMimetics, Medtronic, InterVene, Surmodics, Boston Scientific, and Penumbra. The laboratory boasts state of the art endovascular equipment, ultrasound equipment, and 2,640 square feet of laboratory space for molecular, histologic and tissue culture analysis. Expertise is available within the multi-disciplinary faculty laboratory members including principal investigators in comparative medicine, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, and pathology. Services offered include the following: consulting, animal model development, histologic analysis, pharmacokinetic studies, pre-clinical small and large animal treatment trials.


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