COVID-19 Resources

The Department of Surgery has collected an overview of resources available at Michigan Medicine to assist our team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

News & Policies


Ethics & Patient Interactions


Health & Safety

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  • OHS 24-Hour Phone Line:  Employees who are sick and/or or have questions related to COVID-19 can call Occupational Health Services at 734-764-8021.
  • CDC COVID-19 Information & Resources: The CDC provides up to date information and resources regarding COVID-19.
  • PPE Guidance: Safety Management Services in conjunction with IPE, has created a website to offer even more guidance regarding PPE in the inpatient setting (VPN Required).

Family & Housing

  • Temporary Housing: Michigan Medicine offers temporary housing to providers for respite or self-isolation due to COVID-19 and to employees exposed to COVID-19 positive patients with immunocompromised family at home. Ask your supervisor for details or contact Alfreda Rooks at 734-645-1303 and
  • Work-Life Resource Center: Learn about the child care and elder care resources recommended by University of Michigan Human Resources.
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools Resources: The AAPS compiled a list of resources related to COVID-19, including educational activities.

Emotional Well-Being

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Working & Learning Remotely


Community Outreach & Donations

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  • Food Drive: Michigan Medicine is working with Food Gatherers to address food insecurity in the community.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Drive: Learn what PPE items would be helpful to donate to Michigan Medicine.
  • Give Blood: The Red Cross is still scheduling appointments for giving blood, as there is a critical need for donations due to COVID-19.
  • Monetary Donations: Gifts to the COVID-19 Philanthropic Fund through the Michigan Medicine Office of Development are much appreciated. Call the office at 734-764-6777 with questions.

Department of Surgery Faculty Lead

Additional inquiries specific to the Department of Surgery can be sent to Gurjit Sandhu, PhD at

Michigan Medicine Email Hotline

General inquiries not answered by current Michigan Medicine resources can be emailed to, and your question will be answered as quickly as possible. Do not use this email for sharing patient health information.