Office of Faculty & Resident Life

The Office of Faculty & Resident Life is the driving force in creating opportunities for surgical faculty and residents to grow and achieve their full professional and academic potential.

Dr. Corriere and trainee in the operating room
Dr. Jeruss talking to another member of Michigan Medicine
Dr. Lin in the operating room
Dr. Newman talking to members of her lab

The Department of Surgery's Office of Faculty & Resident Life is committed to the success of the Michigan Promise. The values, skills, and commitment of Michigan Surgery will become the signature of American surgical leadership. The Michigan Promise and the Office of Faculty & Resident Life are unique in modern Academic Medicine.

Our services include:

  • Providing professional development support for Department of Surgery faculty and residents.
  • Managing initiatives, strategies, and projects relating to the Michigan Promise.
  • Collecting outcomes data for the Michigan Promise initiatives.
  • Creating outreach opportunities to connect with local, regional, and national partners.

Get Involved

The Office of Faculty & Resident Life is dedicated to coordinating and executing the strategies within the Michigan Promise. Please reach out to us to learn more about our services and the Michigan Promise.

Ways to join the #MichiganPromise conversation:

  • Connect with us on Twitter @UMichSurgery
  • Call the Office of Faculty & Resident Life to learn more about implementing the Michigan Promise at your institution
  • Contact us to schedule a Michigan Promise presentation at your institution for detailed insight into the initiative
  • Submit our Michigan Promise Inquiry form with any questions or comments

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Wayne Millette, EdD

Director, Office of Faculty Life

Office of Faculty & Resident Life

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Dr. Newman

Erika Newman, MD

Associate Chair, Faculty Development
Dr. Dossett

Lesly Dossett, MD, MPH

Vice Chair, Faculty Life

Gurjit Sandhu, PhD

Vice Chair, Resident Professional Development
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