Achievement Strategies

We will provide a platform in which all surgeons reach their highest academic potential and eliminate underrepresentation at all ranks.

This intentional and sustained effort will require:

  1. Education, guidance, and effective mentoring for junior and midlevel faculty as they navigate the academic promotion process.
  2. A collective awareness of and responsiveness to the professional goals and associated challenges of established faculty. We will rigorously prepare all faculty to achieve promotion to the Associate Professor and full Professor ranks, beginning in Year 1 and continue throughout advancement.

Faculty & Resident Launch Program

The Faculty & Resident Launch Program is a multifaceted, 3-year program that creates an intentional, team-based approach to mentorship and development of early-career faculty members and residents. This program includes an individualized approach for participants. The program is open to all faculty members and residents within the Department on each track, and is designed with flexible elements to tailor the program toward an individual’s professional and personal needs. Mentorship occurs through teams that include faculty members within the Department of Surgery, as well as mentors from other disciplines with unique expertise in key areas of faculty growth. Teams will support and guide faculty members through the first few years of practice and residents during their academic development time, focusing on aspects of performance that are critical for success and well-being: clinical, academic, education, and leadership.

Boost Teams

Boost Teams is an initiative within the Faculty & Resident Launch Program for newly promoted Associate Professors in the department. We developed this program based on feedback from faculty members who expressed the need for support once they transitioned from Assistant to Associate Professor.

Each participant in this program will be assigned a Boost Team consisting of 4-6 members with relevant knowledge and experience who will assist in the following areas:

  1. Help you clarify your phenotype
  2. Discuss and identify long term goals
  3. Map your career trajectory, with an eye towards development needs for reaching your long-term goals

If you have any questions, please contact Tedi Engler at or 734-936-4976. 

Mentorship Training

The academic success of faculty in the Department of Surgery is contingent upon faculty mentorship and sponsorship. Mentorship and sponsorship require a bi-directional relationship between mentor and mentee that inherently must build upon the unique talents and diversity of the faculty. The Department of Surgery has established a structured academic mentorship and sponsorship program with three working strategies to enhance mentorship and sponsorship in the Department of Surgery:

  1. A formal mentorship program for all faculty.
  2. Preparation of faculty to serve as mentors.
  3. Preparation of faculty to serve as mentees.

The intentional mentoring program consists of traditional mentorship strategies as well as new functional and dynamic mentoring partnerships. Traditional mentoring is based on “fit” or “chemistry” between partners, while functional mentoring is centered around particular expertise of the mentor for a mentee’s project and career goals.

Mentoring Coordinators

We will establish “Mentoring Coordinators” within the Department of Surgery that facilitate all aspects of mentee-mentor relationships in a structured approach, individualized for unique faculty goals and barriers. This includes determining best practices for mentoring relationships and providing framework and resources for mentorship success.

Mentor Training

Serving as a mentor is a major professional and personal commitment. Our goal is to incorporate success and excellence in mentorship into the mission and fabric of the Department of Surgery. We will prepare and support mid-level and senior faculty to promote an environment where mentoring is effective, valued and prioritized. We will implement a formal training strategy for all faculty mentors with the goal of improving mentoring competency among all faculty. We will formally prepare faculty to serve as effective mentors for dynamic and diverse early-career individuals, trainees, and students.

Mentee Training

Mentees also have significant opportunity to enhance mentoring partnership in order to reach full potential and for professional advancement. There are known benefits of being “mentor and sponsor-ready” when aspiring for academic advancement. We will develop resources and establish a standard knowledge base for all junior faculty in the Department of Surgery to be mentor-ready.

Academic Promotion Planning and Retention

We will create a departmental environment that rigorously prepares all faculty to achieve promotion to the Associate Professor and full Professor ranks. This will begin in Year 1 and continue throughout advancement. Currently, there is no systemic approach to preparing faculty for promotion that continually identifies and bridges unique barriers and challenges, such as those of women and underrepresented groups. We will work closely and integrate with the departmental Internal Promotion Advisory Committee (IPAC), Michigan Medicine Office of Faculty Development, OHEI, The Faculty Launch Program, Michigan Women’s Surgical Collaborative, Leadership Development, and Mentoring in the Department of Surgery task teams to develop, sustain, and evaluate intentional innovative strategies for faculty rank advancement. This will entail devising efforts that empower all faculty to overcome barriers to promotion and eliminate under-representation. We envision a Department that continually provides a diverse faculty with a portfolio of opportunities for lifelong professional advancement and personal fulfillment.