Michigan Surgery Sessions Podcast

Discussing the latest in clinical care, education and surgery culture with faculty, residents and medical students.

The Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery podcast features our faculty members and trainees as they discuss the newest ideas and initiatives that are driving our mission forward. We seek to continually promote excellence in clinical care, research, education, and culture at the University of Michigan, and we hope to amplify the powerful voices of our talented team.

Season 1 of the Michigan Surgery Sessions podcast focuses on faculty and resident life. Gurjit Sandhu, PhD moderates conversations with faculty and resident guest speakers on topics ranging from wellness to mentorship. Episodes will be released every other week.

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1: Mentorship

Trainees need teaching to learn surgical skills, but they also need coaching to help them navigate their path and inform career decisions. That's where mentorship comes in. 

On this episode, we explore what mentorship looks like for medical students and surgery residents, what makes a good mentor and mentee, how to find a good fit, and what both the mentor and mentee can take away from the relationship.

Featured speakers include:

  • Gurjit Sandhu, PhD
  • Jessica Santos-Parker, PhD, MS
  • Seth Waits, MD

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Episode 2: Wellness

If we aren't well, we can't effectively help others. Promoting wellness among surgical trainees takes intention, structure, and caring. 

In this episode, we discuss what wellness means, why it's important and what initiatives we've undertaken to encourage and support it. 

Featured speakers include:

  • Gurjit Sandhu, PhD
  • Dawn Coleman, MD
  • Michael Kemp, MD

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Episode 3: Identity in Surgery

It’s not frequently discussed, but identity is core to being a surgeon. How do surgeons reconcile their personal identity with their professional identity? How do those two identities develop?

On this episode, we explore what identity is, how it drives people to surgery, how it evolves within the professional journey.

Featured speakers include:

  • Laura Mazer, MD, MS
  • Gurjit Sandhu, PhD
  • Amy Suwanabol, MD

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Episode 4: Social Responsibility

Surgeons' worlds don't end at the operating room, so what is their responsibility to society outside of it?

In this episode, we discuss what social responsibility looks like for surgeons, what we're doing to tackle the tough issues that affect our society and the health of our patients, and what more needs to be done.

Featured speakers include:

  • Erika Newman, MD
  • Gurjit Sandhu, PhD
  • Valeria Valbuena, MD

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Episode 5: Intraoperative Learning

In surgery, the classroom extends to the operating room, where doing and observing are learning. What is intraoperative teaching, and how does it help trainees?

On this episode, we discuss the techniques used by faculty and residents to teach in the operating room, and hear from both sides of the teacher/trainee dynamic about what makes certain methods effective.

Featured speakers:

  • Robert Gilman, MD, DMD
  • Gurjit Sandhu, PhD
  • Katherine Santosa, MD

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Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1: Mentoring Across Differences

Mentor-mentee relationships can often form around similarities in interests and backgrounds. Some of the richest relationships, though, develop across differences.

How can mentors and mentees work effectively together when they come from different background and have different experiences, and how can those differences be leveraged to benefit everyone?

On this episode, we talk about that dynamic, and strategies for finding mentors and mentees who will bring those valuable differences to the table.

Featured speakers include:

  • Moderator: Michelle Moniz, MD, MSc
  • Guest Speaker: Andrew Ibrahim, MD, MS

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