Michigan Surgery Sessions Podcast

Discussing the latest in clinical care, education and surgery culture with faculty, residents and medical students.

The Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery podcast features our faculty members and trainees as they discuss the newest ideas and initiatives that are driving our mission forward. We seek to continually promote excellence in clinical care, research, education, and culture at the University of Michigan, and we hope to amplify the powerful voices of our talented team.

Season 1 of the Michigan Surgery Sessions podcast focuses on faculty and resident life. Gurjit Sandhu, PhD moderates conversations with faculty and resident guest speakers on topics ranging from wellness to mentorship. Episodes will be released on Monday mornings every other week.

Episode 1

Trainees need teaching to learn surgical skills, but they also need coaching to help them navigate their path and inform career decisions. That's where mentorship comes in. 

On this episode, we explore what mentorship looks like for medical students and surgery residents, what makes a good mentor and mentee, how to find a good fit, and what both the mentor and mentee can take away from the relationship.

Featured speakers: