Dr. Figueroa

C. Alberto Figueroa, PhD

Edward B. Diethrich, MD Research Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Vascular Surgery
Professor of Research, Vascular Surgery


Dr. Figueroa received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2006. In 2011, he was appointed Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering at King's College London. He moved to the University of Michigan in 2014, where he is currently a Professor in the Departments of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Figueroa's main expertise is image-based simulation of hemodynamics. His doctoral work focused on developing techniques for fluid-structure interaction and multi-scale modeling for subject-specific cardiovascular simulations. Dr. Figueroa's current research interests include:

  • Methods to predict the growth & remodeling of blood vessels in response to changes in their biomechanical environment.
  • Methods to predict the short-term response (auto-regulation) of the arterial system in response to changes in pressure and flow.
  • Computational tools to evaluate and predict the performance of abdominal and thoracic endografts.
  • Pathophysiology and mechano-biology of arterial hypertension.

Dr. Figueroa has published extensively in the fields of Biomedical Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Life Sciences, and Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. He enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, and traveling.

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