Chitra Subramanian

Chitra Subramanian, PhD, MBA

Research Associate Professor, Endocrine Surgery


Chitra Subramanian, Ph.D., MBA, received her PhD from Chennai, India and an MBA from Ross School of Business, Michigan. She has received her post-doctoral training at the University of Michigan and later became a faculty at the University of Michigan in 2002. She joined the Department of General Surgery in October 2012.

Dr. Chitra Subramanian is involved in both basic and translational oncology research. Her goal is to investigate the drug development and delivery of novel investigational drugs. Her interest includes:

  1. Analysis of mechanism of action and elucidation of pathway for novel small molecules including withanolides and c-terminal Hsp90 inhibitors
  2. Identification of predictive and pharmacodynamics biomarkers for evaluating drug efficacy, toxicity and responsiveness
  3. Assessment of drug combinations to improve clinical outcome and /or preemptively overcome mechanism of drug resistance