Cynthia Luz Marcelo

Cynthia Luz Marcelo, MS, PhD

Professor of Surgery
Emeritus, Plastic Surgery


Cynthia Luz Marcelo is a Research Professor in the Section of Plastic Surgery at the University Michigan School of Medicine. She received her MS and Ph.D. degrees in Biology/biochemistry SUNY at Buffalo, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in Biochemistry at the University of Michigan.
Dr. Marcelo teaches undergraduate and graduate students, medical students, residents and postdoctoral scholars. Dr. Marcelo is an expert in wound healing research. She is currently working with collaborators in The Burn and Trauma Center and Oral Maxillofacial section on cell based wound healing protocols. She was a part of the team involved a startup company based in the section of Plastic Surgery (Keracure, LLC). Dr. Marcelo's research interests are in the area of Keratinocyte (epithelial cell) biology. She is considered expert in the in vitro growth of these cells, in creating devices for wound healing and tissue replacement using these cells, and in the study of the basic function and biology of the cells. Areas of study include molecular biology, lipid chemistry, and cell function and structure and bioengineering.

Dr. Marcelo is a NIH funded investigator, and is PI of the Plastic Surgery NIH T32 training grant. She has been member and sometimes chairperson of a number of NIH study sections, and has served on NIH NIAMS Council. She has served on numerous University of Michigan committees, including the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs, (SACUA) and is currently elected to the Executive Committee of the Medical School. She was awarded in 1998 the University of Michigan Research Scientist Achievement Award, in 2003 the Lydia Adams DeWitt Research Award and in 2005 the University of Michigan Distinguished Faculty Governance Award.