Learn more about the Class of 2022 graduates across specialties in the Department of Surgery.


We are incredibly proud of our residents and fellows in the Department of Surgery, and we are especially proud of their hard work and dedication in response to COVID-19.

They have shown tremendous skill and perseverance, and it is our great honor to celebrate those residents graduating this spring.

Wherever you go, Go Blue!

"I'd like to congratulate our graduating chief surgery residents today on becoming Michigan surgeons. You've had a long string of graduations throughout your career, but I think this is the most significant. Today is the day, with this graduation, where you become surgeons.
You've spent seven years perfecting your technical skills, learning to heal patients with your hands. You've spent time learning to become a teacher of students, of residents, and even of us faculty, and you took time away to learn to become a scientist to use scholarly techniques to improve you field. And I have the greatest confidence that each one of you is going to have great success building on those skills."

Dr. Justin B. Dimick, Department of Surgery Chair

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