Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Cultural Complications Webinar: Why, How, and Lessons Learned

8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

This webinar will address why and how to implement a Cultural Complications curriculum at your institution, as well as lessons learned from pilot programs at the University of Michigan and University of Maryland.


Cultural Complications Panelists

Every day, patients, physicians, and staff are forced to contend with bias in the hospital environment. Although the negative effects of this exposure are increasingly recognized, how to combat it is not well established. We created a Cultural Complications Curriculum to address this deficit. Designed to be presented during standard hospital Morbidity & Mortality conferences, the curriculum covers 12 core themes in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Each data-driven module introduces the audience to key terminology, provides scientific evidence for the concept, and offers sample cases to spur discussion. By leveraging a longitudinal approach that is already familiar to health care workers, we hope to better identify instances of cultural breakdown and establish best practices to address it. For more information on Cultural Complications Curriculum visit the website at https://www.culturalcomplications.com


Justin Dimick, MD, MPH
Professor & Chair, Department of Surgery Michigan Medicine

Chelsea Harris, MD, MS
Senior Resident, University of Maryland
AJS Social Media Team

Lesly Dossett, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Michigan Medicine
AJS Editorial Board

Gifty Kwakye, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Michigan Medicine


Herbert Chen, MD, FACS
Professor & Chair, Department of Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham
AJS Editor

Hosted by:
Michigan Medicine, University of Maryland, American Journal of Surgery