Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Recruitment Webinar: Building High Performing Teams in Academic Surgery

7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Virtual Event

Opportunities and Challenges of Inclusive Recruitment Practices

This webinar will discuss how and why to implement an inclusive faculty recruitment process in your department or institution as well as lessons learned from the University of Michigan program.

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Dr. Dimick

Justin B. Dimick, MD, MPH

Department of Surgery Chair
Frederick A. Coller Distinguished Professor of Surgery
Professor, General Surgery
Dr. Erika Newman

Erika A. Newman, MD

Associate Professor, Pediatric Surgery
Vice Chair of Faculty Development, Surgery
Surgical Director, Mott Solid Tumor Oncology Program
Program Director, Pediatric Surgery Fellowship
Dr. Dossett

Lesly A. Dossett, MD, MPH

Division Chief, Surgical Oncology
Assistant Professor, General Surgery
Vice Chair of Faculty Life, Surgery

Jennifer F. Waljee, MD, MPH, MS

George D. Zuidema Professor of Surgery
Associate Professor, Plastic Surgery & Orthopaedic Surgery
Vice Chair of Health Services Research, Surgery
Director, Center for Healthcare Outcomes & Policy
Dr. Sonnenday

Christopher J. Sonnenday, MD, MHS

Associate Professor, Transplant Surgery & Health Management and Policy
Executive Vice Chair, Department of Surgery
Director, Transplant Center
Gifty Kwakye

Gifty Kwakye, MD, MPH

Clinical Assistant Professor, General Surgery
Clerkship Director, Department of Surgery
Dr. Alam

Hasan Alam, MBBS

Department of Surgery Chair
Loyal and Edith Davis Professor
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine