Residents & Fellows: all

Dr. Michael Pienta

Michael Pienta, MD, MS

House Officer 5 (ADT), Surgical Critical Care Fellowship - Adult & Integrated Thoracic Surgery Residency
Next Appointment: Michigan Medicine
Gina Sacks

Gina Sacks, MD

House Officer 6, Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency
Dr. Brian Starr

Brian Starr, MD

House Officer 7, Hand Surgery Fellowship
Next Appointment: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
David Stepien

David Stepien, MD, MS, PhD

House Officer 7 (Chief Resident), Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency
Next Appointment: University of Southern California
Vickram Tandon

Vickram Tandon, MD

House Officer 8 (Chief Resident), Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency
Next Appointment: Harvard University
Dr. Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson, MD

Clinical Lecturer, Polly Suk-Yee Cheung Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship
Next Appointment: Spectrum Health Systems (Grand Rapids, MI)
Dr. Hunter Underwood

Hunter Underwood, MD

Clinical Lecturer, Comprehensive Endocrine Surgery Fellowship
Next Appointment: University of North Carolina Rex Medical Center
Dirk Van der Windt

Dirk Van der Windt, MD

Clinical Lecturer, Transplant Surgery Fellowship
Next Appointment: Medical University of South Carolina