Gaopeng Li

Gaopeng Li, PhD

Research Investigator, Surgery


Dr. Li is a research investigator in the Department of Surgery at Michigan Medicine. After he obtained his PhD degree at the University of Science and Technology of China in 2016, Dr. Li joined Dr. Weiping Zou’s lab as a research fellow studying cancer immunology. He became a Department of Surgery faculty member in 2022.

Dr. Li's research focuses on central metabolic pathways, innate immune signaling pathways and noncoding RNAs in cancer immunity and immunotherapy. He has uncovered an untranslated region of mRNA that could abolish cancer resistance to targeted therapy (Cell Research, 2016), identified a previously unknown long noncoding RNA that could enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy (Nature Cell Biology, 2021), and discovered an oncometabolic reprogramming under immune pressure that may accelerate tumor progression during immunotherapy (In Submission).

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