Resident Academic Research

The Need

Resident academic research is a hallmark of a University of Michigan education. We provide our residents with the support to fully explore their areas of research, resulting in nuanced, advanced surgeons.

The expectations of surgeons have evolved beyond the ability to identify and delicately repair damage caused by illness and injury. Research has become integral to the development of world-class surgeons. It yields informed, curious, creative specialists that will work each day to save lives. Investing dedicated time to research has proven invaluable in resident training.

Today, at the University of Michigan, we are committed to developing academic surgeons that are highly adept and innovative — surgeons that go on to lead our country’s top hospitals and health systems. And few institutions in the nation are better positioned to advance the future of health care than U-M.

The Vision

At U-M, the fourth and fifth years of the surgical residency are focused exclusively on academic development time, allowing us to attract the best and brightest future surgeons. Top scholars enjoy the synergy of working with peers and the opportunity to be mentored by top-flight scientists. Academic development time is one key factor that contributes to the Department of Surgery’s top ranking in surgical residency programs in the nation among public universities. During this important element of training, the university covers residents’ salaries, insurance, facility costs and supplies. This crucial aspect of surgical education is essential to provide, but presents a financial challenge.

You Can Be A Victor

An investment in the University of Michigan’s surgical resident research time will support our faculty’s groundbreaking, lifesaving discoveries, and safeguard the funding needed to continue these pioneering inquiries. Never have the answers to so many medical questions been so near, or the promise of a healthier society so strong. Now is the time to open doors for tomorrow’s innovation and cures that will bring hope to countless patients and families.