Dr. Diaz

Jose A. Diaz, MD

Assistant Professor of Research, Vascular Surgery


Jose Antonio Diaz, MD is a Research Assistant Professor in the Section of Vascular Surgery, Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan. Dr. Diaz received his medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires Medical School in Argentina. He completed his General Surgery Residency and Vascular Surgery training in Argentina before moving to the United States. Dr. Diaz performed a 2 year fellowship in Vascular Biology at the University of Michigan in Dr. Keith Bishop’s laboratory. Dr. Diaz subsequently became a research faculty of Vascular Surgery Section, in the Conrad Jobst Vascular Research Laboratories at the University of Michigan. Currently, Dr. Diaz is internationally recognized for his contributions in preclinical models development.

Dr. Diaz's research interests are in the mechanisms involved in deep vein thrombosis (DVT), specifically the link between inflammation, thrombogenesis, fibrosis secondary to DVT, identification of potential therapeutic targets for DVT and models of DVT. During the past years, Dr. Diaz studied the role for interleukin 6 (IL-6) in DVT fibrosis. These studies revealed that IL-6 may serve as a potential therapeutic target to ameliorate fibrosis associated with post-thrombotic syndrome (PMID 21131172). Additionally, Dr. Diaz’s research investigates the potential benefits of statins to prevent DVT. His findings support that statins decrease inflammation (mainly through IL-6 signaling pathway) and promote fibrinolysis in the context of DVT (PMID 23276528). In addition, Dr. Diaz is investigating the role of galectins on DVT (PMID 25428218; PMID 19959209). Galectins are well-known players in cancer progression and metastasis but their role in DVT is still unknown. Patients with cancer have a high risk of developing DVT and Dr. Diaz’s research direction is to explore a potential link between DVT and cancer.

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