Our Initiatives

The Michigan Promise contains six areas of impact: Environment, Recruitment, Achievement, Leadership, Innovation, and Outreach.

Areas of Impact

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Our vision is to create a workplace where diverse faculty and residents are empowered to achieve their best in an academic environment that explores, continually improves, and celebrates the core value of diversity manifest in an inclusive environment.

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Our vision is to achieve workforce diversity and advance recruitment of groups underrepresented in surgery. 

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The Department of Surgery is fully committed to promoting, retaining, and advancing all faculty and residents by addressing unique barriers and challenges.

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The Michigan Promise is grounded in a commitment to ensure every individual in the department has the opportunity, development, and sponsorship for leadership roles that will leverage their unique talents, knowledge, and ambitions, and create a vibrant and diverse leadership structure.

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The Michigan Promise includes specific strategies to enhance the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in academic life. 

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There is a strong sense of urgency in the concept of “convergence science” concerning education and training where ideas from partners in other disciplines and settings across the globe are integrated into a meaningful academic curriculum.

"I would like people to say that the Michigan Promise has had a positive impact on surgery, through our science, through developing new ways to care for patients, but also through improving culture and leadership in surgery and changing perspectives on what it means to be a surgical leader."  

Dr. Justin B. Dimick, Department of Surgery Chair