March 16, 2016

A Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the spring edition of In the Loupes.

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Hello. Welcome to the spring edition of In the Loupes. It is an exciting time in Ann Arbor. I hope to share some of the new developments with you.

Please find a report from Dr. Paul Gauger about residency changes in the General Surgery program at the University of Michigan. Paul is our program director, and has recently been granted approval to expand our general surgery residency from six residents to seven per year. In addition to superb clinical training and outstanding research opportunities, Michigan residents are also gaining a reputation as amazing teachers within our medical school. Each year the third and fourth year medical students award 12 Bronze Beepers recognizing the very best residency teachers. In addition, a single resident is awarded the Golden Beeper Award recognizing the best resident teacher among the more than 1,000 house staff at Michigan. This year’s Golden Beeper was awarded to Dr. Arielle Kanters. That is a lot to be proud of.

Dr. Krishnan Raghavendran is hoping to connect Michigan to the world, specifically the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences, or AIIMS, in New Delhi. This collaborative, which was initially formed in 2010, has developed into a robust clinical research cooperative as well as an opportunity for involvement of Michigan surgical residents and faculty in that developing country. The Michigan/AIIMS collaborative recently won a major proposal from the NIH to study traumatic brain injury in India.

Just as exciting is the work of José Diaz, M.D., research investigator in the Section of Vascular Surgery. José has been part of the Michigan family since 2006. He has pioneering work linking the development of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) with cancer and is working on new translational approaches to decrease the instance of DVT in these patients.

This is an exciting time of year in Ann Arbor. I hope you enjoy spring wherever it may find you. Think of your Michigan home as the tulips blossom.

Michael W. Mulholland, M.D., Ph.D.
Frederick A. Coller Distinguished Professor of Surgery
Chair, Department of Surgery
University of Michigan

Dr. Mulholland

Michael W. Mulholland, MD, PhD

Executive Director, University of Michigan Medical Group
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Professor, General Surgery