December 4, 2023

Get to know Lauren Krumeich, M.D.

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Dr. Lauren Krumeich
Dr. Lauren Krumeich

Lauren Krumeich, M.D. joins us as an endocrine surgeon after completing residency in general surgery at the University of Pennsylvania and fellowship in endocrine surgery at the Harvard Combined Fellowship Program. Her education has included a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Brown University, a Doctor of Medicine from Yale School of Medicine, and a Master of Science in Translational Research from the University of Pennsylvania. Her translational research interest is immune privilege in adrenal metastases. Dr. Krumeich is highly involved in the national surgical community and serves on committees for the Society of Surgical Oncology and American Association of Endocrine Surgeons.

Get to know Dr. Lauren Krumeich

Q. Why Michigan Medicine? Tell us what excites you about being a part of the team.

A. I am thrilled to join Michigan Medicine due to the emphasis on collaboration and the profound support for my clinical and research interests and my professional development. I greatly look forward to contributing to the team culture to provide exceptional patient care and pursue novel research questions.

Q. Why surgery? Tell us what led you down this path.

I was drawn to surgery due to my passions for working in teams and providing definitive problems to complex problems.

Q. What drew you to your specialty?

I am motivated by the intellectual challenge of endocrine pathophysiology and the skill and technique required to perform the meticulous operations.

Q. What drew you to your research interests?

A. My research builds on my Master of Science in Translational Research studying the immune infiltrate into solid tumors to address why adrenal metastases preferentially grow.

Q. What’s a little-known fact about you?

A. I played on the men’s lacrosse team in high school

Q. Favorite procedure and why?

A. While it is difficult to choose one favorite procedure, I find great satisfaction in removing functional adrenal tumors knowing the rapid impact the procedure will have on the patient’s quality of life and health.

Q. Favorite way to spend time outside of the hospital or lab?

A. I love to spend free time with my husband and our young son cooking, hiking, and exploring Ann Arbor.