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Suresh Madathilparambil, PhD

Associate Research Scientist, Acute Care Surgery


Dr. Suresh Madathilparambil, PhD, is a research faculty member in the Division of Acute Care Surgery, at the University of Michigan Health Systems. Dr. Madathilparambil received his Bachelor's and Master's degree in Biology, and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of Kerala, India. In 2001, he received the Young Scientist Award from the Department of Science & Technology in India. He did his postdoctoral training initially at East Tennessee State University, Tennessee and later at University of Michigan. In January 2012, Dr. Madathilparambil joined the faculty of the Section of General Surgery, University of Michigan Health Systems, as a Research Investigator.

Dr. Madathilparambil's research interest is focused on mechanisms related to protective modulations of the innate inflammatory response in lung contusion with emphasis on the role of chemokines like MCP-1 and MCP-5. Another aspect of his research involves determining the mechanistic role of Toll-like receptor-9 and TLR-3 activation in the pathogenesis of acute inflammatory response following lung contusion. He is also interested in studying the immune modulating properties of curcumin and pioglitazone in the context of acute inflammation following lung contusion and gastric aspiration.

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