Surgical Critical Care Fellowship

The Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan offers a 1-year ACGME-accredited Fellowship in Surgical Critical Care, with 9 approved positions annually (6 adult/3 pediatric). Candidates for the fellowship include surgical residents that are on track to complete their General Surgery Residency training. Exceptional general surgery residents, who have completed three years of their program and wish to fulfill a fellowship year before continuing on with their General Surgery Residency, will be considered.

Our strengths:

  • History: The Surgical Critical Care Fellowship was started by Dr. Robert Bartlett in 1984. Dr. Bartlett also established the ECMO Program at the University of Michigan, and in the neonatal unit, turned around a 90% mortality rate in neonatal lung failure to a 90% survival rate.
  • ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation): Approximately 75-100 patients undergo Extracorporeal Life Support at the University of Michigan each year. Our fellows work with the established experts and researchers in this leading edge treatment, learning to independently work with ECMO.
  • Core Curriculum: Our outstanding Educational Core Curriculum includes information and exposure to issues regarding the administration of ICUs, national standards and issues in critical care, and recent initiatives to improve care of the critically ill and injured. Additional experience in severe respiratory and cardiac failure, and ECMO is included in the SICU and CVC ICU rotations.
  • Current Fellows and Placed Fellows: We have an outstanding class of current fellows, and in the past four years, our graduates have accepted faculty positions at various health centers, such as the University of Massachusetts, Boston University, and the Mayo Clinic. Each year, one or two stay with the University of Michigan to continue building our critical care units and critical care program, becoming leaders in their own right. 

The goal of the program is to produce academic leaders in the areas of critical care and trauma. Upon successful completion of the surgical critical care fellowship, trainees are eligible to take the Surgical Critical Care Certifying Examination.

Core faculty:


One year clinical fellowship with 10 four-week rotations: ten in Critical Care (SICU, CVC ICU, BICU, NICU), one in research and three elective rotations, which can be split into two weeks per elective. Electives include CCMU, CICU, Neuro-ICU, Pediatric ICU, Acute Nephrology, Nutrition, Airway Management, ECHO, ECMO, Burn. Pediatric critical care fellows spend ten rotations in Peds SCC, with one rotation in each of SICU, CVC ICU and BICU.

Weekly Educational Schedule:

  • Tuesday: Journal Club (3X/month) SICU Morbidity & Mortality (1X/month)
  • Wednesday: Core Curriculum Conference
  • Thursday: General Surgery Death & Complications

The educational program also includes quality improvement initiatives, morbidity/mortality conferences, grand rounds, and hands-on research and manuscript preparation.

Contact Us

Office of Surgery Education

Michigan Medicine
1500 East Medical Center Drive
2110 Taubman Center
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-5732

Past Fellows

Graduation Class of 2018

  • Rebecca Busch, MD – Surgical Critical Care
  • Jason Fawley, MD- Surgical Critical Care
  • Daniel Felling, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Daniel Kendrick, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Talya Lorenz, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Rachel Russo, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Jennifer McLeod - Pediatric Critical Care
  • Eric Sparks - Pediatric Critical Care

Graduation Class of 2017

  • Patrick Georgoff, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Jacob Gillen, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Pauline Go, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Sarah Kenning, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Christopher Tignanelli, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Jeffrey Walker, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Kevin Johnson, MD - Pediatric Surgical Critical Care
  • Jason Robertson, MD - Pediatric Surgical Critical Care
  • Michael Stern, MD - Pediatric Surgical Critical Care

Graduation Class of 2016

  • Meghan Arnold, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Kunjan Bhakta, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Michael Dombrowski, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • ShaShonda Revels, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Christa Siebenburgen, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • John Trahanas, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Nicole Werner, MD - Surgical Critical Care
  • Carolyn Parma, MD - Pediatric Surgical Critical Care
  • Sabrina Sanchez, MD - Pediatric Surgical Critical Care
  • Tina Thomas, MD - Pediatric Surgical Critical Care

Graduating Class of 2015

  • Laura Brown, MD - University of Michigan Acute Care Surgery Fellowship
  • Marco Hoesel, MD - Wayne State University, DMC
  • Joseph Posluszny, MD - Loyola University
  • Amy Spencer, MD - Michigan State University, Spectrum Health Medical Group
  • Elizabeth Steensma, MD - Michigan State University, Spectrum Health Medical Group
  • Arek Wiktor, MD - University of Colorado Hospital
  • Shelley Reynolds-Hill, MD - University of Michigan Fetal Fellowship
  • Arun Thenappan, MD - University of Michigan
  • Tiffany Wright, MD - University of Michigan

Graduating Class of 2014

  • Nora Cheung, MD - University of Michigan Acute Care Surgery Fellowship
  • Hee Soo Jung, MD - University of Wisconsin
  • Sam Kais, MD - Midwestern Surgical Associates
  • Jillian McCagg, MD - Oakland Children's Hospital, Prichard, WV
  • Kartik Pandya, MD - Montréal Children's Hospital
  • Erick Rivas, MD - Michigan State University
  • Nicholas Teman, MD - University of Michigan

Graduating Class of 2013

  • Beth Bowdish, MD - University of Buffalo
  • Jon Dorfman, MD - University of Massachusetts
  • Jeremy Heffner, MD - University of Michigan Acute Care Surgery
  • Gaurav Sachdev, MD - Carolina's Medical Center
  • Bedabrata Sarkar, MD, PhD - Boston University
  • Sabina Siddiqui, MD - University of Michigan
  • Samantha Tarras, MD - Wayne State University/DMC
  • Keith Thatch, MD - University of Michigan
  • Cory Vatsaas, MD - Mayo Medical School

Graduating Class of 2012

  • Eric Luehr, MD - Mercy Clinic, Springfield, MO
  • David Machado-Aranda, MD - University of Michigan
  • Muhammed (Faraz) Masood, MD - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Constance Mobley, MD - University of California, Los Angeles
  • Ana Ruzic, MD - University of Michigan
  • Frank Vandy, MD - Minneapolis Vascular Physicians, MN
  • Melissa Hayward Warta, MD - Cooper Surgical Associates, Camden, NJ

Graduating Class of 2011

  • Richard Herman - University of Michigan
  • Mark Molitor - University of Michigan
  • Paul Reckard - St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center, Green Bay, WI
  • Michael Todd - Oakwood Medical Center, Detroit, MI

Graduating Class of 2010

  • Tony Capizzani
  • Jay Dujon
  • Samir Gadepalli
  • Loay Kabbani
  • Matthew Romano
  • Jay Shoaps
  • Aisha Violette
  • Charity Wip

Graduating Class of 2009

  • Jill Cherry-Bukowiec
  • Raquel Gonzalez
  • Brian Knipp
  • Ali Mallat
  • Blake von Riedenauer

Graduating Class of 2008

  • Melissa Brunsvold, MD
  • Jennifer Cannon, MD
  • Awori Hayanga, MD
  • Nabil Issa, MD
  • David Leonard-Vidal, MD
  • Ankur R. Rana, MD

Graduating Class of 2007

  • Anthony Charles, M.D.
  • MaryAnne Purtill, M.D.
  • Kyros Ipaktchi, M.D.
  • Martin Spoor, M.D.
  • Sean Skinner, M.D.

Graduating Class of 2006

  • J. Kristy Brown
  • David Heidt
  • Brian Saunders
  • Michael Shillingford

Graduating Class of 2005

  • Eunice Chung
  • Vladimir Grigoryants
  • Felicia Ivascu
  • Derek Woodrum

Graduating Class of 2004

  • Steve Chen
  • Jules Lin
  • Steve Rowe

Graduating Class of 2003

  • Gorav Ailawadi
  • Tamer Boules
  • Ming-Hui Fan
  • John McGillicuddy

Graduating Class of 2002

  • Judiann Miskulin
  • Jon Haft
  • Jenna Hirsch
  • Amy Harper

Graduating Class of 2001

  • David Axelrod
  • David Melnick
  • Steve Posner
  • Craig Reickert
  • Paul Taheri

Graduating Class of 2000

  • Alfredo Casetti
  • Cynthia Corpron
  • Mark Hemmila
  • William Lynch
  • Doug Schuerer
  • Doug Turner

Graduating Class of 1999

  • Kathy Diehl
  • Steve Hughes
  • Oliver Soldes
  • Lee Wilke
  • Fresca Swaniker

Graduating Class of 1998

  • Samir Awad
  • L. Joe Downing
  • Andrew Michaels
  • Preston Rich

Graduating Class of 1997

  • Srinivas Kolla
  • W. Anthony Lee
  • Dorothy Lewis
  • R. J. Schreiner

Graduating Class of 1996

  • Marjorie Arca
  • Paul Gauger
  • Patrick Geraghty
  • Thomas Rohs

Graduating Class of 1995

  • David Bliss
  • Franco Fazzalari
  • Thomas Praninkoff

Graduating Class of 1994

  • Josehph Giglia
  • Cynthia Steimle
  • Joan VanCamp
  • Joseph VanCamp

Graduating Class of 1993

  • Harry L. Anderson
  • Michael Shapiro
  • Jeffery Sussman
  • Wendy Wahl

Graduating Class of 1992

  • Thomas Brothers
  • James Geiger
  • Todd Gerkin
  • Kenneth McCurry
  • Mohammed Moursi
  • Chuck Shanley