Trainee Conferences & Lectures

Pediatric surgery fellows gain a solid clinical foundation through a series of structured conferences held multiple times each week.

These include core lectures, grand rounds, journal clubs, patient management conferences, morbidity and mortality conferences, and surgical radiology/pathology conferences.

We also participate in multi-disciplinary conferences in trauma, fetal management, vascular malformations, hepatobiliary conditions, and surgical critical care.

Our cross-specialty tumor board is the site of frequent learning, as fellows hone their clinical decision-making abilities by incorporating insights from multiple disciplines and by presenting their own cases for discussion and feedback.


  • Pediatric IBD Multidisciplinary Conference (11084): Monthly, 4th Monday, 12PM
  • Patient Management Conference (17040): Weekly, Tuesday, 5:30PM
  • Pediatric Trauma M&M (17067): Monthly, Tuesday, 7:30AM
  • Pediatric Tumor Board (11017): Weekly, Wednesday, 12PM
  • Pediatric Surgery Didactic Core Lecture (17062): Monthly, 1st Thursday, 7:30AM
  • Pediatric Surgery Grand Rounds (17063): Monthly, x2 3rd & 5th Thursday, 7:30AM
  • ECMO Joint Educational Conference (17085): Monthly, 1st Thursday, 12PM
  • Pediatric Surgery Radiology/Pathology (17059): Monthly, 2nd Thursday, 7:30AM
  • Pediatric Surgery Network Hospital D&C (17049): Monthly, 4th Thursday, 7:30AM
  • Neonatology Research/Didactic Conference (11013): Bi-Monthly, 4th or 5th Friday, 12PM 

Please contact the Department of Surgery Education Office with any questions.