Clinical Care

With more than a dozen specialty clinical programs, we’re able to offer a rare depth of expertise. Because we see 28,000 patients a year in our outpatient clinics and perform over 4000 major operations annually, we have the experience and the resources to treat all types of conditions, from the routine to the difficult and multifaceted.

A Team of Experts

We’ve gathered experts in adult and pediatric plastic surgery, and we work closely with colleagues in radiation oncology, anesthesiology, neurosurgery, oral surgery, internal medicine, and other disciplines to treat each patient holistically.

In just one example of how team medicine best serves patients, our multidisciplinary breast care center convenes a tumor board to assess each new breast cancer diagnosis and create a comprehensive care plan. That means patients get the benefit of many good ideas — and the experience of a skilled team to coordinate their care.

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Surgery Innovation with Impact

Our commitment to medicine continues beyond the clinic, where we push forward new discoveries through plastic surgery research. Highly ranked nationally for external funding, our research program focuses on translating what we learn to improve patient care.

In one current project, we’re developing novel prosthetics that will allow patients to use their own nerves to control the movement of the device — a game-changer for people who have lost a limb, and the kind of breakthrough science we’re passionate about.

Patient-Centered Care

Our pediatric plastic surgery clinic demonstrates the patient-centered values that guide all our work. This multidisciplinary clinic provides a single point of contact for patients with complex conditions, and our longitudinal approach means we follow these children from birth through young adulthood to make sure they’re thriving.

We’ve designed our 8,000-square-foot facility to reflect our values, too: Parents and caregivers can stay overnight with their children, a small comfort that makes a big difference to families.