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Inventors of the transhiatal esophagectomy, we’re no strangers to innovation. We’re working to discover the underlying mechanisms of serious chest diseases in the lab, and then translate that knowledge to excellent outcomes for our patients.

Dr. Lin in the operating room
Lab materials
Dr. Chang in the operating room

Our areas of focus include esophageal surgery, lung transplantation, lung and esophageal cancers. We’ve assembled a team of top faculty, and through their teaching, research and dedication to patient care, they contribute to our nation’s and the world’s well-being.

Recruiting and retaining outstanding clinicians, educators and researchers is always a challenge. The benefits provided by these leaders to our patients, students and our clinical programs is essential for our continued growth in research discovery and improved patient care outcomes.

The annual financial commitment to support our faculty and their research efforts within the Section is costly and can only be reached by the generosity of our current and future donors. Gifts can be made directly to thoracic surgery on-line or by contacting the Development Officer below, Mr. Matt Douponce.

Endowed Professorships

These donations begin at $500,000 and the principal will remain with the University in perpetuity. The annual earnings from the principal is provided to a named faculty member to support his/her research activities. By making an endowed gift to a professorship, your gift represents a profound impact to the department, and a prominent and permanent investment in the larger institution. Professorships and fellowships can be named for the donor or someone the donor chooses to honor.

Esophageal & Lung Cancer Research

Esophageal cancer is among the fastest growing cancers in America. A gift to this fund will go to support research into methods of early detection of this aggressive cancer and a better understanding of the underlying conditions that lead to its development.

Resident Education

A gift to this fund will ensure that the section is able to continue to attract and train the best and brightest residents to be the next generation of thoracic surgeons. These funds will support residents during their academic (research) year of training as well.

Contact Us

For more information about specific medical research, or to contribute directly to a specific thoracic surgery lab, educational endeavor or clinical effort, please contact the Office of Surgery Development.

Emily (Fogelsonger) Godbold, MSW

Assistant Director of Development