The U-M Department of Urology is committed to the highest caliber of program preparing residents for a career in academic medicine or the private practice of urology. This commitment is manifested in our residency programs, fellowship programs, and our continuing education opportunities for care providers at any stage of their career.

Leading Residency Program

The U-M Department of Urology's Residency Program is consistently regarded as one of the best in the nation, currently ranking as the best program in Michigan, the third best program in the midwest region, and the seventh-best program in the country. This high esteem can be attributed to world-class faculty and facilities that enable our residents to gather everything they need to succeed. This includes a general competence in patient care, clinical science, practice-based learning, interpersonal skills and communication, professionalism, an understanding of system-based practice, and much more.

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Unparalleled Fellowship Opportunities

After completing a Urology Residency, trainees may choose to focus their education even further by taking advantage of the diverse range of specialties available in the U-M Department of Urology. Fellows have the opportunity to work and research with faculty in specialties such as Pediatric Urology, Endourology and Urologic Oncology.

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The University of Michigan offers highly competitive salaries and tremendous benefits to our residents/fellows. An overview of salary, benefits and employment eligibility is available on the GME Office website, under “Prospective Residents/Fellows”.