Michigan Urology Academy (MUA)

While the field of Urology has made tremendous strides over the past two decades, increasing diversity among medical students entering Urology, particularly among underrepresented minorities and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, continues to be a challenge. In an effort to avail all medical students, of any race or background, of the field of Urology, potential professional trajectories and the logistics of application, we are introducing the Michigan Urology Academy.

MUA 2021 - June 11-12, 2021

Program Agenda

Program Overview

The Michigan Urology Academy provides an opportunity for all medical students who are interested in Urology to gain additional exposure to the field and increase preparedness for applying to Urology residency.  Students will be introduced to residency application strategies and logistics, interview tips and tricks, career trajectory options and ways to control application costs. In addition, current Urology trainees and faculty, including those who are from groups currently underrepresented in the field, will share their experiences about working in Urology and medicine. Michigan Urology Academy faculty will include participants from the University of Michigan as well as other institutions. 

All interested applicants, including underrepresented minorities and/or those from medical schools without a formal Urology training program, are strongly encouraged to apply. This year's Michigan Urology Academy will be virtual. 




Application Process


  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Current student in an accredited medical school in the US, Canada or Caribbean
  • Curiosity/Interest in Urology

Application Instructions

  • Complete the Program Application
  • Submit your CV
  • Submit your unofficial transcript
  • Submit a personal statement reflecting your training trajectory to date. Include any information regarding previous experience working in organizations that address health inequalities, living in a community or area adversely affected by health inequalities, or personal experience with health inequalities. (300 word limit)
  • Submit your thoughts on how the Covid-19 pandemic has magnified health inequalities in your community. (300 word limit) 


If you have any questions about eligibility or wish to apply, please contact Aprill White at 734-936-5801 or aprillbw@med.umich.edu.