Our Graduates

U of M Urology Graduate Map

Graduates of the Department of Urology Residency Program have gone on to do great work at institutions around the country. Here are some of the plans made by our former residents immediately after they graduated.

2008 Graduate Plans

Tim Bradford- Urology Fellowship at The Royal Melbourne Hospital- Australia

Kathy Kieran- Pediatric Urology Fellowship at Univ. of Tennessee - Memphis

John Hollingsworth- RWJ Clinical Scholar at University of Michigan


2009 Graduate Plans

Alison Lake- Fellowship at Vanderbilt University

Dave Morris- Private Practice in Nashville, TN

Ryan Schulte- Private Practice in Des Moines, Iowa


2010 Graduate Plans

Chris Hempel- Making plans to be in sync with his wife’s career

Simon Kim- Fellowship at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Rou Wang- Fellowship at Michigan with Dr. Latini


2011 Graduate Plans

Emilie Johnson- Pediatric Urology Fellowship in Boston, MA

Walter Parker- Private practice in Poughkeepsie, NY

Jeff Wheat- Kaiser Permanente practice in Clackamas, OR


2012 Graduate Plans

Nina Casanova- Pediatric Urology Fellowship at Michigan

Chris Filson- Clinical Lecturer, University of Michigan

Rob Jackson- Clinical Lecturer, University of Michigan (6 mo.)  and then Mountain States Urology in Boise, Idaho

Nick Styn- Urology Associates of Nashville, Tennessee


2013 Graduate Plans

Jon Ellison- Lap/endo fellowship in the UK

George Schade- Univ. of Washington, Seattle for oncology fellowship

Ray Tan- RWJ Clinical Scholars Program / Oncology Fellowship UCLA

Gareth Warren- Genitourinary Reconstructive Fellowship in Iowa


2014 Graduate Plans

Sapan Ambani- Endourology Fellowship at UMHS

Dan Miller- Fellowship in Endourology and minimally invasive surgery at University of California San Diego/Kaiser Permanente

Jackie Milose- Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship Northwestern in Chicago

Matt Smith- Private Practice, West Shore Urology, Muskegon, MI 


2015 Graduate Plans

Joanne Lundgren- Duke University, Endourology Fellowship

Noah Canvasser- University of Texas-Southwest, Endourology Fellowship

Casey Dauw- Indiana University, Endourology Fellowship


2016 Graduate Plans

Rebekah Beach – Duluth,  Minnesota, St. Luke’s Hospital

Miriam Hadj- Mousa- UMHS AUH Fellow

Michael Kozminski – Grand Rapids, pp

Amy Li – Washington, pp


2017 Graduate Plans

Ian McLaren, - Washington, pp Confluence Health

 Katy Konkle, Pueblo, Colorado at Parkview Hospital

Duncan Morhardt, UMHS Fellow

Ryan Swearingen – Indiana, pp – urologic specialists of NW Indiana