Evan Keller, PhD

Professor, Urology



Dr. Evan Keller directs a multi-million dollar NIH-funded program project award on prostate cancer metastasis to bone. The Keller Laboratory investi-gates mechanisms that contribute to bone metastasis. A recently accepted publication in Prostate explores the expres-sion of DKK-1 in prostate cancers on tissue microarrays. Another publication accepted to the same journal highlights how a metastasis suppressor gene identified in the Keller laboratory, RKIP, promotes radiation-induced apoptosis. Dr. Keller also has an active interest in the contribution of aging to the development of genitourinary disease, and employs several animal models (including zebrafish!) to pursue these studies.

Shiozawa Y, Taichman RS, Keller ET. Detection and Isolation of Human Disseminated Tumor Cells in the Murine Bone Marrow Stem Cell Niche. Stem Cells and Niche Methods and Protocols in Methods in Molecular Biology. In Press.

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