Thank you for your interest in donating to the U-M Department of Urology! Your generosity will support the wide range of clinical, research, and educational opportunities available within the Department, helping to cement the U-M Department of Urology's reputation now and in the future.

The U-M Department of Urology has a number of ongoing initiatives that rely on supporters like you to have a vital impact. For more information on these initiatives and other ways of supporting the Department of Urology, please read on or contact Jason Keech.

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Babcock Urological Endowment for Research

Your gift enables the U-M Department of Urology to direct resources where they are most immediately needed or opportunities are greatest, from upgrading or replacing a critical piece of equipment to providing important resources to researchers and clinicians.

Global Initiatives

Urology's Dr. John Park operating in Ghana

The U-M Department of Urology is committed to training the next generation of leaders in the field of urology, and  we realize that, often, the search for those leaders is not confined to the United States. U-M Department of Urology Members have been traveling abroad for decades to fulfill our own faculty’s, residents’ and fellows’ sense of purpose in embracing the improvement of care world-wide.

Trips to locations like Ghana and Haiti have provided these opportunities to improve care and expand our own experiences and horizons. These forays also offer the chance to introduce the Michigan uology brand around the world. Your support for our global initiatives will help to further these efforts while contributing to an unprecedented expansion of the U-M Department of Urology's presence and perspective across the globe.

Urology Resident Education and Research Fund

The very best urology residents from across the country train at U-M. The cost of providing an outstanding educational experience continues to increase as typical sources of financial support decrease. Your generous support helps bridge this gap. 

Pediatric Urology Research and Education Fund

Our pediatric urologists provide outstanding clinical and research experience for our residents. While the cost of providing an education increases and the sources of funding for high-reward research decrease, you can help bridge the gap.

To support the Department of Urology, please contact Jason Keech or read about other ways to give: