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Mark Day, PhD

Mark Day, Ph.D.

Professor of Urology


The research in the laboratory of Dr. Mark Day focuses on the therapeutic targeting of cell surface disintegrin proteases in advanced GU cancers. Their previous studies have shown that specific members of the disintegrin family (i.e. ADAM15) promote the metastatic progression of prostate and bladder cancer. Based on these observations Dr. Day’s group is exploring ADAM15 as a novel therapeutic target that can be inhibited by specific catalytic inhibitors developed in his laboratory. Their approach will be to design small molecule inhibitors that are chemically modified to bind the catalytic zinc ion in the protease domain of ADAM15 or are modeled after endogenous inhibitory cysteine residues found in the prodomain of the mature protein. Following the development of these compounds his group will develop, purify and test these inhibitory molecules in bioactivity assays and in established preclinical models of prostate and bladder cancer progression for advancement to Phase I clinical trials.

Published Articles or Reviews