January 7, 2016

North Campus Research Center releases annual report, highlights Urology's Dr. Evan Keller

The report highlights Dr. Keller's work with the Biointerfaces Institute, which examines the junctures between living cells and other surfaces–biointerfaces–to develop new technologies for understanding, diagnosing and treating disease.

The entire report, which can be viewed here, details every facet of the NCRC's operations. This includes the research accomplishments hosted at the NCRC, as well as information on the external organizations partnering with NCRC groups.

The 2015 annual report not only details the successes of the past year, it also demonstrates numerous reasons to be optimistic about the future. The report's Letter from the Director, David Canter, discusses the 176 grants received during the past year, talking about how this funding will power research and innovation at the NCRC for years to come.

For more information on the NCRC, visit their website.