October 7, 2022

Kim Lindstrom, RN published Male Fertility Guide in Urology Nursing Journal

Kim Lindstrom, RN in the Division of Andrology, General, and Community Urology was published in the Urologic Nursing Journal on her work outlining Male Infertility Care guidelines. Contributors to infertility that are due to conditions in the male partner are potentially overlooked in the fertility evaluation process. Early identification of contributing facts can relieve both cost and stress for couples seeking a reproductive evaluation. Up to 10% to 15% of couples worldwide may experience fertility issues, and in 50% of these couples, there is a contributing factor from the male partner.  Semen, hormone, and genetic testing can establish a cause for many of these couples, and help providers determine the course of treatment that will permit the greatest opportunity for success and safe treatment for couple as they pursue pregnancy.


1.     Lindstrom, K., Calimente, D., & Quallich, S. A. (2022). Male Fertility Guide: History and Physical Examination. Urologic Nursing, 42(3), 131-133.  

2.     Lindstrom, K., Calimente, D., & Quallich, S. A. (2022). Male Fertility Guide: Laboratory Evaluation. Urologic Nursing, 42(3), 134-137.