Cancer Survivorship Research

Support for urologic oncology patients does not stop once the disease is controlled. The U-M Department of Urology Division of Urologic Oncology is at the forefront of the field of urology in working with cancer survivors to maintain their quality of life after successful cancer treatment. This work includes support for patients, partners and families, as well as cutting edge research in cancer survivorship.


Cancer survivorship research at in the Urologic Oncology Division examines the critical and often unmet needs of urologic cancer survivors, such as inadequate preparation for physical and emotional changes after surgical prostate cancer treatment, the couples’ recovery of sexual intimacy and self-management of treatment-related side-effects. In engaging in this kind of research, the investigators aim to protect and enhance survivors’ quality of life after treatment.

The urologic oncology team within the U-M Department of Urology is setting the standard for research in the field of prostate cancer survivorship. Having secured grant-support and developed partnerships and collaborations, the Department of Urology is regarded highly as a leader in cancer survivorship research nationally and internationally.

Prostate Cancer Survivorship Initiative

The U-M Department of Urology's urologic oncology team also works closely with the UMHS Comprehensive Cancer Center to offer the Jan and Dave Brandon Prostate Cancer Survivorship Program, which is a part of the Cancer Center's larger support of cancer survivorship. This program aims to help men to learn more about the physical, psychological and sexual issues that can arise after undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

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