Many members of the U-M Department of Urology include full-time clinical faculty that are actively involved in clinical and basic research projects covering a variety of fields. Additionally, there are 10+ full-time laboratory faculty who spend 100 percent of their time in the laboratories of the U-M Department of Urology. This varied and diverse approach to research puts the U-M Department of Urology at the forefront of urologic research.


A Broad Range of Research Interests

Research in the U-M Department of Urology spans a wide range of topics, offering a well-rounded perspective on many of the challenges facing the field of urology. This broad span helps prepare the Department, as well as its many physicians, to be able to call upon innovative, thoroughly researched best practices when treating patients.


Learning more in Labs

The numerous dedicated research labs within the U-M Department of Urology are yet another tool available to address urologic concerns and help to establish best practices. These labs have the ability to focus on specific aspects of urology and, ultimately, make significant, targeted contributions to improving health outcomes for those facing urologic concerns.