UM KUHR Training Network

The University of Michigan Kidney, Urology and Hematology Research Training Network's (UM KUHR) mission is to identify, nurture and train the future scientific leaders for kidney, urological and hematological diseases.

The newly envisioned KUHR positively impacts training across the KUH domain and enhances individual research efforts of its trainees. Ultimately, this improves understanding of physiology and pathophysiology, the search for novel therapeutics, and the diagnosis and treatment of KUH diseases and associated maladies.

  • Establish, provide Core oversight
  • Provide budgetary oversight
  • Promotion and visibility of program
  • Promotion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts
  • Recruit the best and brightest trainees for research careers in KUH diseases
  • Provide necessary knowledge, training, mentorship, and experience to develop trainees into successful long-term investigators in KUH diseases
  • Enhance trainee preparedness for successful careers in research
  • Ensure high quality mentoring by faculty preceptors
  • Enhance trainee research experience and opportunity by building a network of peers, near-peers, and faculty within UM, at regional institutions, and beyond
  • Expand outreach to build a pipeline for potential trainees across learner levels with focus on DEI
  • Integrate regional institutions into program