UroVersity is a pipeline initiative open to first year medical students at Michigan Medicine. This longitudinal mentorship program pairs medical students with both resident and faculty mentors to increase exposure and research endeavors in the field of urology. Students interested in urology or surgery can contact Yemi Olumolade oluyemi@med.umich.edu(link sends e-mail) or Erica Odukoya odukoyer@med.umich.edu(link sends e-mail).


Upcoming Events:

Urology Post-Match Panel

UroVersity Mentees

Kailyn Koh

Hometown: Pasadena, California
Undergraduate Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Favorite part about UroVersity so far: "Observing a radical prostatectomy!"

Anna Kay

Hometown: Ottawa, Canada
Undergraduate Institution: MIT
Favorite part about UroVersity so far: "I loved shadowing! All of the residents and faculty were amazing teachers, and I learned a lot from going through scans in depth with them."

Dawson Hill

Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Undergraduate Institution: University of Minnesota
Favorite part about UroVersity so far: "Being matched with my resident mentor Kristian has been the best part of this program. It's great having someone who has been through medical school at Michigan offer advice on what is important to focus on."

Michael Tang

Hometown: Short Hills, New Jersey
Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan
Favorite part about UroVersity so far: "Meeting amazing mentors."