Curriculum Innovation

The Future Of Medicine Started Here

Beginning with a mandate from Dean James Woolliscroft in December 2012, the University of Michigan Medical School embarked on a major transformation effort for our graduate medical curriculum. The goal of this transformation was to design and implement a curriculum that would graduate physicians who will lead the transformation of health care for individuals and society. UMMS received a major grant award from the AMA to support the work of this curricular transformation.

This five-year effort officially got underway in 2013 with the phased design and implementation of curricular elements to be completed in 2018. The University of Michigan Medical School is proud to do our part in transforming medical education, creating agents of change, and leading medicine into the future.

Dr. Mangrulkar talks with a medical student

The University of Michigan Medical School fosters a visionary culture. The changes proposed in our curriculum transformation reflected our efforts to attract, encourage, and reward those who have grand ideas and wish to improve the world of medicine.

Infographic medical school curricular model

Once we defined why we needed to change our approach to medical education, we looked to how we would begin the process of doing so.

Students talk in a professional development workshop

Transforming a curriculum that has been in place for 160+ years requires a significant amount of planning, coordination, lively exchanges, proposals, votes, and meetings, meetings, meetings. In the end, this process brought together more than 200 faculty, students and staff committed to the same cause.