Ethics & Integrity

Conducting research, teaching and delivering clinical care with the highest ethical standards is a privilege we honor every day at the U-M Medical School. Our responsibility is to the public and their trust in our activities are at the forefront in all of the work that we do.

Our faculty, staff and students are required and expected to follow all applicable laws and university policies in the performance of their responsibilities.

To provide guidance and support, the Medical School established an Office of Regulatory Affairs committed to providing information and assistance to the Medical School community in understanding and meeting its regulatory and ethical obligations. The office leads or facilitates the prevention or resolution of concerns, disputes, and compliance issues related to laws, regulations, institutional policies, accreditation/certification requirements, and other professionally accepted standards that impact the activities and reputation of the Medical School.

Most regulations and standards are designed to protect people, animals, the environment, public dollars and trust, and/or our institutional integrity — goals that we all share and work together to achieve as we pursue our tripartite mission of education, research, and clinical care.