David Giles


The Medical School has embarked on a new and innovative curriculum that maximizes learning in a clinical context. The timing of the PhD within medical school is optimized to make the transitions smooth and to maximize curriculum flexibility.

MSTP curriculum graphic

Specific aspects to note:

  • The MD curriculum features one preclinical basic science "trunk" year; a clinical "trunk" year that includes the standard rotations e.g. internal medicine, pediatrics, etc.; and two "branches" years that feature large blocks of elective time to integrate clinical medicine and science in areas of specialized interest.
  • MSTP students take USMLE Step 1 half way through the M2 clinical trunk year, and then undertake their PhD education
  • Each student has an individualized Research Rotation Advisory Committee to provide guidance in selecting research mentors and a PhD program.
  • Two research rotations are required; many fellows do three.
  • Clinical activities to maintain skills are provided during the PhD phase, including a clinical refresher at the transition back to the M2 year.
  • MSTP students can shorten their Branches training if they want to.
  • The MSTP is completed typically in 8 years.