Paths of Excellence

Going Deeper

Challenges in how we address and deliver health care demand concentration of efforts in specific areas. To prepare you to become an agent of change in these fields, we have created Paths of Excellence.

In each Path, students can expect to:

  • Connect with an advisor.
  • Engage in specialized experiences.
  • Develop substantive skills and knowledge in their field.
  • Network with other professionals.
  • Refine leadership talents.
  • Complete a Capstone for Impact project that reflects their personal interest in the field and fulfills the graduation requirement.

Our current Paths of Excellence focus on the below areas:

Determining Your Path

The Paths of Excellence have seven interdisciplinary options. Students can learn more about a Path they are interested in during the first few months of medical school. About halfway through the M1 year, students can choose to join a Path. Reasons for joining often include: gaining knowledge and skills not found in the required curriculum; creating or expanding a professional network in that part of medicine; and creating a Capstone for Impact project based on your Path experience.

80-90% of our M1s join a Path of Excellence each year.

During a designated time period, interested students will submit their CV and a brief essay discussing their personal and professional reasons for joining a preferred Path. The essay should include:

  • Path choice (if torn between two, students can list choice #1, choice #2).
  • Background information or past experiences that may add to the Path community.
  • Desired Capstone for Impact focus or areas they would be interested in exploring.

This information is used to help Path Directors create a good fit for the student both in terms of a Path of Excellence and an assigned Path Advisor.