Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Better Ideas

  • If you want to invent a device or procedure to solve unmet medical needs,
  • If you envision bringing better methods of patient care to life,
  • If you want to learn to navigate the health care business ecosystem,
  • If you enjoy the rewards of participating on a multidisciplinary team,

... then this path is for you.

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Path of Excellence gives medical students a unique insight into the rapidly expanding culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in biomedical research and medicine.

Supported in part by Fast Forward Medical Innovation (FFMI), the path offers firsthand experience on the innovation process leading to new biomedical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, health IT, service line improvements or policy advances. Other collaborators include the U-M College of Engineering, U-M Medical School, Zell Lurie Institute, U-M Office of Tech Transfer and U-M Ross School of Business.

For students who are passionate about improving health care through innovation, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Path of Excellence provides the resources, perspective and exposure to explore all aspects of this career choice.

Med students are encouraged to join this Path in their M1 year, however you can choose to apply during any year of med school. Students who sign up for I&E take the Foundation of Innovation seminar series during their M1 year. See how the rest of I&E works.


I & E Electives:

Before starting M3 year, you will work with the I&E coordinator to determine the best timing for your I&E Branch elective experience:

Venture Capitalist Elective – assess the commercial viability of a biomedical startup, learn how to invest and learn how to create a business plan.

Business Development Elective – work with the FFMI Business Development team on various industry/company interactions, jump into idea consultations and learn about managing strategic idea development.

Student-Led Innovation or Entrepreneurship Elective – design and participate in your own I&E internship/externship, and develop a project with a researcher, faculty, resident or other team member.

MI-Pitch Club:

FFMI offers several learning opportunities for students to engage with faculty, venture capitalists and industry experts. MI-Pitch Club is a monthly pitch competition where multidisciplinary students and faculty come together to solve real medical problems and compete for prizes. Each event will pose a Design Challenge from a sponsoring Michigan Medicine department. Participants will have roughly one hour to prepare a 60-second pitch. The winning person/team will earn a prize and the possibility to work with the sponsoring department to implement their innovative idea. Check the FFMI site for upcoming dates.

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By creating meaningful educational opportunities, this unique program will help develop creative physician-innovators who can have significant impact on the future of patient care.

Mark Cohen, MD, FACS, Professor of Surgery and Pharmacology Director, Medical School Pathway of Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Director of Endocrine Surgery Research Department of Surgery