Students pass the Medical Science building on a fall day

Paths of Excellence

Going Deeper

Challenges in how we address and deliver health care demand concentration of efforts in specific areas. To prepare you to become an agent of change in these fields, we have created Paths of Excellence.

In each Path, students can expect to:

  • Connect with an advisor
  • Engage in specialized experiences
  • Develop substantive skills and knowledge in their field
  • Network with other professionals
  • Refine leadership talents
  • Create a capstone project that reflects their personal interest in the field

Our current Paths of Excellence focus on the below areas:

Determining Your Path

As an M1, you can choose to attend a series of seminars that will expose you to some important foundational concepts. If you're interested in pursuing a Path after attending the series, you can submit a current CV along with a 300-500 word document that includes:

  • Path choice (If more than one, you may list up to 3 with preference)
  • Personal and professional reasons for selecting the Path(s)
  • Descriptions of how your perspective and/or experiences will add to your peers’ education and experience
  • An overview of any upcoming projects/plans that may be considered for a capstone project