Clerkship Funds

Individually Arranged Clerkships (Domestic and International)

Funding is available to help pay for expenses students may incur during an approved rotation or clerkship away from U-M and its affiliated hospitals. Deadline: December 1 of M4 year.

To apply for funding, submit:

  • Your Special Needs application.
  • Your letter of invitation and/or acceptance to the clerkship.
  • A brief statement explaining why you want to participate in the clerkship.
  • Receipts to document your expenses (transportation, housing, VSAS fees, etc.)

Note: The clerkship must be approved for credit in order to be eligible for funding.

Up to $500 is available for approved domestic clerkships (within the continental U.S.), and up to $1,000 for approved international clerkships.

Only one domestic and one international clerkship will be funded per student applicant.