Emergency Grants

Consideration for emergency funds is based on:

  • The urgency of the request.
  • The circumstances of the student’s situation.
  • Documentation to illustrate a student’s need.
  • Financial need, as reflected in the student’s financial aid assessment.
  • The amount of the request.

Please note: The Medical School does not provide funding for expenses already covered through financial aid or other documented sources.

Request emergency funds by submitting a Special Needs Application, along with original documentation of your situation, including any relevant receipts, bills, statements, etc. to the Financial Aid Office

Please submit original receipts, not copies.

If you need to keep your original receipts, a Financial Aid staff member can make copies of the originals for your request and then return the originals to you.

Uninsured Medical and Dental Expenses

The Medical School considers requests for necessary uninsured medical or dental expenses incurred by students. These funds are for expenses you incur over and above the recommendations in the financial aid guideline budget.

You’ll need to provide:

  • Documentation of your treatment, such as a letter from the health care provider who treated you.

The maximum reimbursement amount is $1,000 per academic year per student.

In unusual circumstances, more may be offered.

We recommend that students save all their receipts or billing statements for medical and dental expenses each year, in case they need to seek extra funding to cover costs.