Belonging, Connection, Support

A longitudinal learning community designed with you in mind.

M-Home exists to build strong walls of personal and professional support around students. Medical school is a time of tremendous growth, new experiences and challenges unique to every individual. We want you to feel at home here and thrive. That’s why you’ll be welcomed into M-Home from the start.

M-Home infographic

On your first day of Launch, you will find out which House you are in, and you will immediately begin interacting with fellow House members and your House director. Within your House, you will join a smaller Doctoring group with 10-12 students that is led by two faculty instructors. One of these faculty members will become your coach.

M-Home anchors your Michigan experience with five pillars:

  • Coaching
  • Community
  • Educational Enrichment
  • Service Learning
  • Well-being


The role of your faculty coach is to provide guidance and support throughout your entire time in medical school. You will meet one-on-one regularly with your coach to help identify and achieve your goals. Together you will develop a learning plan that evolves as your training progresses. In addition to the peers and faculty coaches within your House, you have access to a dedicated House Counselor, a comprehensive collection of insider info through the Med Students Gateway sponsored by the Office of Medical Student Education, and many resources available through our Office for Health Equity and Inclusion. These are just a handful of the people you can count on in your Med School Squad

Michigan Med faculty contributed to developing the framework of academic coaching, authoring chapters and co-editing a guide for medical educators in Coaching in Medical Education: A Faculty Handbook. Read more about this publication here

Why does M-Home exist? Because in medical school you will feel stronger than you have ever felt. And more vulnerable. We need people who will see us through the tough stuff (because, tomorrow, we might be the one helping them through the tough stuff).

Jennifer Imsande, Ph.D., M-Home Program Manager
M-Home Olympics tug of war


M-Home encourages student engagement and leadership at all levels, from planning well-being activities to developing and implementing a peer mentor program, as well as other initiatives designed to foster deep connections, bonds and mutual support. Your House Director provides an additional layer of support and connection.

When you arrive on campus, you will inherit an instant community. You will get to know students from other classes. They will be your teammates in house competitions, like the M-Home Olympics and our “Med School versus Law School” trivia nights. They will be the eMpower peers and mentors who guide you through paths they have already walked. The members of this community will be the people in your corner. 

Educational Enrichment

M-Home supports many activities that offer an extension of the learning taking place in the classroom and in the clinic. M-Home Reads is a book club that takes place once per semester and is open to all students, faculty and staff. This is an opportunity for our community to discuss topics that intersect our lives in the study and practice of medicine. The discussions are typically co-facilitated by a faculty member and a student. Medical School Grand Rounds is a student-led program that offers medical students an opportunity to share experiences that increase awareness and provide insight into that student’s passions and achievements related to medicine.

Service Learning

Giving back while you train to become a doctor will help you connect with your community within and outside of med school. Through M-Home Serves, students participate in a service day during Launch. All of the M1 students along with 20+ faculty go to various sites around Ann Arbor to help where needed, whether volunteering in a clinic or helping with park beautification. The goal is to strengthen relationships with local agencies while better understanding the lives of the people we serve. Our service learning program is continuing to evolve with the help of students and faculty — we look forward to your input!

Students visit with therapy dog


M-Home supports many well-being initiatives on campus to provide students with an outlet to manage and relieve stress in healthy and productive ways. Many activities are connected with our Professional Identity and Balance efforts. These include: mindfulness workshops, The Healer's Art course, well-being weeks, sponsoring an Active U team, and other programming.