Interview Day


We look forward to connecting with you!

The 2021-22 virtual interview experience at Michigan — also known as 24 Hours in Blue — will connect you with a diverse group of people from our Medical School community who are very passionate about what they do and the path they have followed. We are committed to ensuring that our Admissions Committee (those who interview our candidates) is comprised of faculty, alumni, medical students and community members who represent our diverse population including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, first-generation college, disability status, and geographic region.

Our goal is to understand the type of person you are, what matters most to you and why you have chosen to become a physician.

Above all, we want you to be yourself. What are your passions and your hopes? What resources do you think you will need to achieve them? At the same time, we want you to get to know us so you can figure out if Michigan is the type of place to help you accomplish your goals in medical school and beyond.

Schedule at a Glance*

Your 24 Hours in Blue will kick off on a Thursday evening with a welcome message from Director Teener, followed by a fun and informative chat with our medical student Ambassadors and other interviewees.

On Friday, you’ll join our interview platform for a half-day session including:

  • Presentations by Medical School and Admissions leaders
  • Short- and long-form interviews using Zoom with members of the Medical School community and Admissions Committee
  • Q&A opportunities, including an interactive event where you can engage with our student organization representatives     

At the end of your interview experience, you can expect to have a deeper understanding of our people, our culture, our program and, most of all, how you might see yourself fitting in with our community.

*Sessions will be conducted through Zoom video conferencing and the Attendify virtual event app. Interviewees will be provided with specific instructions at a required session on the Monday before interview day.