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Next Steps for Admitted Students

This is your one-stop resource for information related to matriculation at the University of Michigan Medical School. Please check back periodically as new information will be added throughout the process. Remember, your seat in the class is held for you until April 30. No deposit is ever required at Michigan!


UMMS Admissions Protocols for Admitted Students

AAMC Protocols for Medical Schools

AAMC Protocols for Applicants

Important Dates


  • Time to start working on your FAFSA if you plan to apply for financial aid (need-based aid and loans) in medical school (see February and Financial Aid sections for more details). 
  • Look into what immunizations are required for medical school (see Immunization Requirements below).


  • Certiphi will be sending you an email for your background check.
  • UMMS will be asking for your social security number via a secured form.


  • To be considered for need-based aid from the University of Michigan Medical School, the Financial Aid Office requires that you complete the following two items no later than February 15:

1) Free Application For Federal Student Aid (using school code E00398); parental information must be provided on the FAFSA, regardless of your dependency status.

2) UMMS Financial Aid Application

  • Mid-February - Registration for our admitted student revisit weekend opens.
  • Ask for accommodations, if needed.
  • February 19 - AMCAS “PLAN TO ENROLL” option opens for admitted students on AMCAS (this is not required).


  • Admissions scholarship announcements will be made by mid-March. You do not need to apply for admissions scholarships — all admitted students are automatically considered. 
  • Estimates of financial aid packages are emailed UPON REQUEST (if FAFSA and U-M Institutional Application have been received by the February 15 deadline). Contact the UMMS Financial Aid Office with questions: or (734) 763-4147.


  • April 15 - UMMS highly recommends, but does not require, accepted students narrow their admittance offers to three medical schools, if applicable. Committing early allows us to build a class and a community with whom you will begin to interact.
  • April 16-17 - Second Look at Michigan includes a Diversity & Health Equity Day followed by our Second Look Day. Space is limited!
  • April 30 by 11:59p ET  -  UMMS requires “PLAN TO ENROLL” on AMCAS and decision via UMMS applicant portal. UMMS requires you to choose one school to “PLAN TO ENROLL” on AMCAS and convey your decision on the UMMS applicant portal by 11:59p ET. You need to decline all other acceptances, but you may remain on waitlists. If UMMS receives notification from AMCAS that you “PLAN TO ENROLL” at another institution, UMMS has the right to withdraw your seat from our class. If you require additional time beyond April 30 to make your decision, please contact Director Carol immediately.


  • May 1 - AMCAS "COMMIT TO ENROLL" opens on AMCAS (not required by UMMS until June 9 at 11p ET).
  • First week of May - Application information for the M0 Summer Impact Accelerator will be emailed to all admitted students. 
  • May 1 - Registration for CAMP opens!


  • Matriculating students should begin checking their email address on a weekly basis.
  • June 9 by 11p ET - UMMS requires “COMMIT TO ENROLL” on AMCAS and decision via UMMS applicant portal. UMMS requires admitted students to select one school to “COMMIT TO ENROLL” on AMCAS and convey their decision on our UMMS applicant portal by June 9 at 11p ET. Failure to do this on AMCAS and our UMMS applicant portal will result in UMMS rescinding your offer of admission. You must remove your name from other schools' waitlists.


  • White Coat Ceremony will be held on Saturday, July 25 beginning at 4 pm. All family and friends are welcome.
  • M1 Launch begins Monday, July 27. This is our version of orientation. Attendance is required all week.

Connect with Other Admits

Join the UMMS Admitted Student Facebook Group.

Connect with us via social media.

Come to Second Look at Michigan in April.

Financial Aid Info

To be considered for need-based aid from the University of Michigan Medical School, the Financial Aid Office requires that you complete the following two items no later than February 15:

1) Free Application For Federal Student Aid (using school code E00398). Complete the FAFSA using 2018 income tax information. Do not use estimated information. Remember to provide parental information if you want to be considered for all types of aid, regardless of your dependency status.

See these important FAFSA Tips from our Financial Aid Office.

2) UMMS Financial Aid Application. Complete applications must be received by the Financial Aid Office no later than February 15 (or 3 weeks from your date of acceptance, whichever is later), to be considered on time. A complete application includes both the FAFSA and the U-M Medical School Financial Aid application. Applications received after this date will be considered late and will be considered ineligible for University of Michigan need-based grants. 

Additional documentation may be required at a later date by the Financial Aid Office. If the materials are not received by the Financial Aid Office within the specified time frame, the entire application will be considered late.

Financial Aid Estimates- Upon Request
In March, the Financial Aid Office will begin providing financial aid estimates to those who have requested one. Students must have completed their FAFSA and UMMS Financial Aid Application before an estimate can be provided.

Financial Aid Notifications
First official notifications of financial aid eligibility go out in May to students who've accepted our offer of admission and continue on a rolling basis. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to view, accept, decline, or change your aid through your Wolverine Access account.

Contact the UMMS Financial Aid Office with questions: or (734) 763-4147.

Admissions Scholarship Offers

Coming in mid March: Admissions scholarship announcements. All admitted students are automatically considered for Admissions scholarship monies. If you don't receive an email, you may check back with us in April at

Disability Services

Michigan Med supports students with disabilities and their requests to receive accommodations. The Office of Medical Student Education employs a Learning & Disability Specialist who can answer any questions you may have about receiving accommodations in medical school.

Your admission cannot be revoked based on your need for accommodations. You can review our technical standards here.

Students receive accommodations for the following diagnostic categories: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Chronic Health Condition, Mental Health Condition, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Learning Disability, Visual Impairment, Mobility Impairment, or Temporary Disability.

If you know that you require accommodations, please be proactive and request them as soon as possible. Though UMMS supports accommodation requests at any time during medical school, be aware that accommodations are not retroactive.

In addition, contact the Learning and Disability Specialist if:

  • you receive a disability diagnosis while in medical school, or
  • you suspect you may have a disability and need guidance on scheduling a formal evaluation.

Different disabilities require different forms of documentation for verification; the Learning and Disability Specialist will advise you as to the specific documentation you will need to submit.

Immunization Requirements

Matriculating students must submit the required immunization form no later than July 15th.

Questions regarding the immunization form can be addressed to Denise Brennan in Student Services at 734-763-6362 or

Michigan Residency Questions

If you seek to qualify for in-state tuition as a Michigan resident and your application, circumstances, or activities suggest that you may have out-of-state activities or ties (as described below), you will be required to apply to be evaluated and classified as a resident or nonresident. This means completing an Application for Resident Classification truthfully and timely and submitting additional documentation. We will request that you do this if you are offered an interview.

Specifically, you must file an Application for Resident Classification if you seek in-state tuition on the basis of Michigan residence and have any of the following out-of-state activities or ties:

  • you live outside the State of Michigan for any purpose, including, but not limited to, education, volunteer activities, travel, or employment;
  • you attended or graduated from a college outside the State of Michigan;
  • you lived or worked outside the State of Michigan at any time within the last three years;
  • you are not a U.S. citizen;
  • your spouse, partner, or parent is in Michigan as a nonresident student, medical resident, fellow or for military assignment or other temporary employment;
  • you are 24 years of age or younger and a parent lives outside the State of Michigan;
  • you are 24 years of age or younger and attended or graduated from a high school outside the state of Michigan;
  • you attended or graduated from an out-of-state high school and have been involved in educational pursuits for the majority of time since high school graduation;
  • you attended any University of Michigan campus (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, or Flint) as a nonresident.

Other circumstances also may require you to file an Application for Resident Classification.

The Registrar’s website contains the University’s Guidelines for Qualifying for In-State Tuition.The Application for In-State Tuition is available as an online application. In order to log in and complete an application for in-state tuition, you will need your U-M ID and Uniqname (if a current student or employee) or a Friend Account. If you have questions regarding your in-state/out-of-state classification or need assistance with the application or process, please call the Residency Classification Office at 734-764-1400. The Office of Admissions cannot help with these requests.

MSTP Admitted Students

All the information on this NEXT STEPS for Admitted Students also pertains to MSTP students with the exception of:

  • Financial aid and scholarship information
  • Submitting transcripts to the Admissions Office (we will request you to submit your official transcripts to the MSTP Office in May)

Important Dates:

  • The MSTP Second Look will be coordinated with the Medical School Second Look. Most of the activities for the MSTP Second Look will take place on Thursday, April 16.

  • The MSTP Retreat for matriculating students will take place Friday, July 31 - Sunday, August 2.

For questions please contact the MSTP Office at 734-764-6176 or


Academic Calendar: The 2019-2020 Scientific Trunk calendar is provided for planning purposes. Please note that this calendar is subject to change.

Ann Arbor: Learn more about what it's like to live in Ann Arbor and ask our med students questions about what they do in their spare time.

Financial Aid: Ask our helpful staff any questions you may have about financial aid at Michigan Med. Did you know our students graduate with less debt than the majority of medical students?

Football tickets: More information to come in June.

Housing: No need to rush into finding housing. There are plenty of options well into the spring and summer. There is an optional housing tour during Second Look and many options are posted in the Admitted Student Facebook Group in the spring.

Laptop/Mobile Communications: We recommend that you wait to purchase any devices until you are on campus. More information to come during the summer.

Med Student Gateway: An online compendium of resources for all aspects of Michigan Med student life.

Parking and Transportation: There is no on-site parking for medical students. You will want to look into riding the bus if you live far away. A car is not required for your M1 year, but for one of your courses, Interprofessional Clinical Experience (ICE), some clinical site placements will be off-site. You will not be placed at one of these sites if you do not have transportation.


Q: I’ve been admitted (yay!), now what?

A: Congratulations! After celebrating your remarkable achievement (take as long as you’d like!), you can do the following:

  • Request to join our Admitted Student Facebook Group to stay in the loop about future dates, “meet” and ask current med students questions, find out about events in the med school, on the U-M campus and around town, and learn about housing options.

  • Complete the FAFSA and UMMS Financial Aid Application before the deadlines (see Important Dates).

  • Don’t worry about sending a deposit to hold your spot — we don’t need one! The national commitment date is April 30th.

  • Ask us any questions you may have.

Q: Will I need a car on campus?

A: A car is not required for your M1 year, but for one of your courses, Interprofessional Clinical Experience (ICE), some clinical site placements will be off-site. You will not be placed at one of these sites if you do not have transportation.  Reliable transportation is required in the Clinical Trunk and Branches years (M2-M4). The bus system is not adequate to reach every clinical site to which you may be assigned during these years.

If you do not plan to have a car and/or will be living further away from campus, you’ll find it very easy to navigate the bus system. There are two major bus systems in Ann Arbor: The Ride (which is the Ann Arbor city bus) and the University's bus system. They both offer convenient apps and websites that let you plan your route and track your buses in real time.

Q: When should I start looking for housing?

A: Many students take advantage of checking out housing options during Second Look. Postings about available housing regularly appear on the Admitted Student Facebook Group, especially throughout the spring. You can always get started by checking out this housing page featuring some of the most popular choices for med students.

Q: If I am already certain that I plan to attend the University of Michigan Medical School, when can I confirm my decision?

A: Review our UMMS Admissions Protocols for deadlines.  Watch your email for more information! Go Blue!