Meet the Student Committee

Bridger Rodoni - Second Look Co-Chair

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Undergrad: Northern Arizona University, 2016

Non-Trad Experiences: Former collegiate student-athlete, first-generation college student, pursuing MBA at Ross, bench to bedside research

Organizations: Orthopaedic Surgery Student Interest Group, SCRUBS, Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, eMpower, LEAD program mentor

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Proposing to my finance at the Big House!

Fun Fact: I share a birthday with the state I was born in

Kaavya Puttagunta - Second Look Co-Chair

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Undergrad: University of Michigan, 2017

Non-Trad Experiences: Majored in Spanish/Gender, Race, and Nation; before med school worked for a year in California as a medical assistant at a free clinic and as an educator in a low-income after-school program, worked for another year at a bar in Chicago (I can make a mean old-fashioned but somehow still know nothing about wine!)

Organizations: Student Council (Curriculum Rep), University of Michigan Aslyum Collaborative, Medical Spanish, Emergency Medicine Interest Group, CAMP, LEAD, Biorhythms

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Taking an impromptu weekend trip with a couple of classmates to Lake Michigan (and utilizing our newfound medical knowledge when one classmate got stung in the neck by a bee on a hike) 

Fun Fact: I once thought it was a good idea to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim, in August, alone :) 


Amelia Bahamonde - Life Outside of THSL Co-Chair

Hometown: Weston, FL

Undergrad: University of Miami, 2016

Non-Trad Experiences: Spent a year doing research in pediatric health disparities and teaching MCAT classes

Organizations: M-Home Salk House representative, Catholic Medical Association, Biorhythms, Medical Students of Middle-Eastern Descent, Latin American Native American Medical Association, Smoker, Family Medicine Interest Group

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Dancing salsa and bachata in front of the whole school during my first Biorhythms performance

Fun Fact: I consider myself a professional at cooking brunch... It's so good you won't need to eat anything else for the rest of the day

Kavya Davuluri - Social Media Co-Chair

Hometown: Canton, MI

Undergrad: Wayne State University, 2019

Non-Trad Experiences: I came straight through, but...Scribe, Social Entrepreneur, Venture Capital Associate

Organizations: OB/GYN Interest Group, Family Medicine Interest Group, Biorhythms, Health Equity Scholars Program (HESP), Project H, Medical Education and Consulting Group (MedECG), Project H, Galen's Society, Doctors of Tomorrow (DoT), Home Visit Program, Gender Lens Investment Group

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Any of the activities I've done with my entire class, from pumpkin patches to tubing to Ann Arbor nightlife!

Fun Fact: I worked for a company that makes jewelry out of graffiti!

Kristin Geczi - Housing/Hosting Co-Chair

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Undergrad: Washington University in St. Louis, 2017

Non-Trad Experiences: Took 1.5 years off to work at a summer camp for children with Cerebral Palsy and teach chemistry lab to college freshmen; come from a family where no one works in health care

Organizations: Peer Support Advocacy, American Medical Women's Association, eMpower, MedBuddies, Healer's Art Elective

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Meeting my classmates at CAMP and learning about my lack of outdoor skills

Fun Fact: I love theater and have seen over 40 productions of plays and musicals!

Parker Martin - Second Look Weekend Co-Chair

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Undergrad: Tulane University, 2017

Non-Trad Experiences: Traditional path straight from undergrad. In undergrad I taught Krav Maga, I was a personal trainer at the gym, and I am now taking a year out to do an MBA

Organizations: White Coats for Political Action, American Medical Association Student Standing Committee for Legislation & Advocacy, Wolverine Street Medicine

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Class wide bar-crawls, getting friends together to tube down the river, Evenings at Bill's Beer Garden

Fun Fact: I traveled around a lot as a child and have lived on six continents

Anjola Onadipe - DHE Day Co-Chair

Hometown: Mankato, MN

Undergrad: Minnesota State University, 2019

Organizations: Black Medical Association (BMA), Christian Medical Association (CMA), Doctors of Tomorrow (DoT), Biorhythms, Leadership and Enrichment for Academic Diversity (LEAD), Intramural sports, Home Visit Program, Creating Adventurous and Mindful Physicians (CAMP)

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: M-Home Olympics

Fun Fact: I met Blake Griffin in Ann Arbor after my interview day at UMMS

Keli Parker - Academic Life Co-Chair

Hometown: Watsonville, CA

Undergrad: University of California Davis, 2009

Non-Trad Experiences: Former collegiate athlete (XC and Track), Masters and Phd in Mathematics, six years teaching undergraduate mathematics

Organizations: Student-Run Free Clinic, Frog Island Track Club, Doctors of Tomorrow, Biorhythms, LEAD

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Post quiz/shelf celebrations

Fun Fact: I've known my wife since we were both in fifth grade :)

Ally Peirce - Housing/Hosting Co-Chair

Hometown: Portage, MI

Undergrad: University of Michigan, 2018

Non-Trad Experiences: Pretty traditional student - Worked as a nurse assistant throughout college, took one gap year and spent it working as a scribe/MCAT teacher, minors in Spanish Literature and Environmental Science

Organizations: American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), Health Equity Scholars Program (HESP), Doctors of Tomorrow (DOT) Suceed, Medical Spanish, Hope Clinic

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: CAMP, Tag Days, traveling on quiz free weekends

Fun Fact: I thought the official state of Michigan flag was the block M until middle school 

Cecilia Pesavento - Academic Life Co-Chair

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame, 2018/2019

Non-Trad Experiences: Traditional pre-med undergraduate experience, but also studied theology. Took time in between college and medical school to earn an MBA.

Organizations: Med ECG (Medical Educational Consulting Group), Medical Spanish, Catholic Medical Student Association, Christian Medical Students, American Medical Women's Association, Surgery Interest Group (SCRUBS), Critical Reasoning Elective, Ultrasound Elective

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Sunday afternoon med student yoga; hiking and cider mill trips

Fun Fact: I've visited 21 goal is 30 by age 30!

Jessica Santos-Parker - DHE Day Co-Chair

Hometown: Castroville, CA

Undergrad: University of California Davis, 2009

Non-Trad Experiences: First-generation college student, former collegiate athlete, Master's in Anatomy, PhD in Integrative Physiology, coordinator for summer research program to increase underrepresented students in STEM PhD programs

Organizations: Surgery Interest Group (SCRUBS), Student-Run Free Clinic, Frog Island Track Club for elementary kids, Latin American Native American Medical Association, American Medical Women's Association, Biorhythms, LEAD

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Being in medical school with my husband and getting to do clinical rotations together, including scrubbing in on a liver transplant together

Fun Fact: I went skydiving for my 21st birthday


Kyle Wickham - Life Outside of THSL Co-Chair

Hometown: Palm Bay, FL

Undergrad: University of Chicago, 2018

Non-Trad Experiences: First-generation college student, took one year off and worked at a healthcare tech startup in HR 

Organizations: University of Michigan Student Run Free Clinic, M-Home Rep for Fitzbutler House, Biorhythms, Doctors of Tomorrow, CAMP

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Weekly trivia at Ashley's Restaurant

Fun Fact: I started ballet in college and starred as Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake during my third year!